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2018 BFC Global Healthcare Investment Conference

As China becomes the reformation engine in global life science area, BFC provides Chinese bio-tech companies with large amount of potential developing and commercializing opportunities in America, Europe, Japan and other countries.

During the beginning of each year, BFC will hold a business development and investment conference forum, aiming to establish a platform to helping Chinese leading biotech companies exhibit high-end pipeline to global big pharms. Our conference gathered Chinese biotech experts, big pharm high-level executives, and industrial investors to provide the exclusive industrial insights and to assess cross boarder licensing transaction opportunities.

2018 BFC Global healthcare investment conference was held in San Francisco Saint Regis hotel on January. The whole day's meeting agenda contained the top 50 Chinese popular biotech companies’ roadshows, industrial experts interactions on specific topics, and one-on-one partner negotiation. Over 50 globally well known VC/PE firms and over 100 global big pharms from America, Europe and Japan attended the meeting.

Main meeting topics

1) State of Healthcare Investment in China and US

2) Road to a Successful US IPO in the Current Market Environment

3) Selling to the West-Seeking Out-licensing Opportunities to Major Biopharma Companies in the West

4) Company Road Show

5) Searching for the Dream Deals in US and China

6) Exclusive Deloitte China VIP Reception (Venue: Martin Lawrence Galleries, 366 Geary Street, San Francisco)