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BFC Healthcare Cross-border M&A Seminar

More and more Chinese firms are growing its operations outside China by cross-border M&As, which have been discussed widely in the industry. Chinese companies that are willing to and capable of conducting cross-border M&As face many challenges, such as swift access to foreign exchange, lengthy approval process by relevant authorities, lack of global talents for post-transaction integration, complex legal environment, and lack of deal experiences. Many Chinese companies have invested a lot into cross-border M&As, both financially and in terms of time, however obtain little satisfactory results.

At the end of each year, BFC organizes a cross-border M&A seminar for the healthcare industry. The objective of this seminar is to offer a practical roadmap for cross-border M&As by Chinese companies, as well as to share some experiences learned from Chinese companies’ cross-border M&A practices. The last seminar was held in Shanghai International Hotel on December 8, 2017.

Main meeting topics

Presentation 1

health industry cross boarder M&A updates and last 12 months M&A cases review and analyze

Presentation 2

health industry M&A opportunities and challenges forecast

Roundtable 1

M&A experts’ practical experiences and suggestions

How to solve “China prejudice” problem

Integration key problem : Management team retain and business integration

The art of balance: control of the board and management team independence

Roundtable discussion 2

ODI approval and its impact on M&A process

Summary of ODI approval process updates

M&A timing strategy basing on the current ODI approval timeline

Overseas investment opportunities by limited partnership under current environment